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About US

Vizija podjetja Modno krojaštvo Šmigoc Andrej, d.o.o.Maintain the status of one of the leading companies in Slovenia in the production of uniforms and clothing made by individual dimensions and re trails.

Staying in step with the textile technology development in the world. Satisfy customers with quality, and thus ensure that they will always return, because it is the only real confirmation that the company is properly oriented.


O podjetju Modno krojaštvo Šmigoc Andrej, d.o.o.We are a workshop craft for fashion tailoring with more than 40-year of tradition and recognized quality.  All clothes we design are on individual rates, re trails and size numbers, regardless of the distance customers, and of course the highest quality basic and auxiliary materials.

Tailoring fashion Company Andrej Šmigoc, d.o.o. currently employs 15 people who are professionally trained in all types of operations that are necessary to maintain an excellent clothing appearance and well-being of our customers. We are constantly doing courses in textile technology, which are necessary for increasing the quality of our clothing. We follow the development of technologies that are needed to make clothes better looking, especially details (pockets, holes, decorative stitching - AMF ...).

Our professional and technologically equipped workshop deals with all kinds of sewing uniforms and formal clothing, suitable for individual customers, and primarily for various of companies, educational societies, choirs, musicians, orchestras ...

Confidence in us we received from a lot of important Slovenian and foreign companies, as well as individuals, so call us and we will happily assist you.

All clothes are made with individual dimensions and re trails or size numbers, regardless of distance of our customers, and of course from highest quality basic and auxiliary materials. Because we want customers to save time and money we can supplement basic clothing with appropriate shirts, blouses, hats, fashion accessories ...

With an expert advice we can help you create an integrated look of clothing for workers in certain companies (restaurants, hotels, public companies ...). Create conceptual sketches, prepare materials and accessories, we can also create an exemplary model presented to the parties and, after a joint meeting add the details. So, employees in the company as their whole look are coordinated and are consistent with the environment in which they work.


Zgodovina podjetja Modno krojaštvo Šmigoc Andrej, d.o.o.Beginnings of tailoring Šmigoc go back up to 1969, when Konrad Šmigoc completed his tailor exam and began his independent career. The beginnings were difficult, as there were not a lot of materials to choose from and machinery to facilitate the work. However, the products were manufactured in very high quality even then.

Over the years the company has gained a growing staff of employees, as well as the equipment with the latest technology needed for excellent results. On the way of his craftmenship his son Šmigoc Andrej quickly joined, after his tailors exam took over and is currently at the forefront of the business.